Should repair or replace a new hygrometer if it is broken?

The best moisture meter can be a powerful and indispensable tool for contractors and carpenters to apply in their work. These durable devices allow collecting moisture readings from building materials. such as wood, concrete, … to read the moisture in food, produce. It provides contractors an idea on how to properly store materials to prevent harm from the environment.

Moisture Meter
Moisture Meter

Particularly, In the installation of the floor, the builder has used a hygrometer to measure the moisture of the floor, is suitable for installation or not. That prevent floors from warping and rotting quickly.

However, like any tool, the hygrometer can be damaged by:

Impact by accident (collision, fall,…)

Contact with corrosive chemicals

Wear and tear due to daily use

If the hygrometer is broken, it may lose accuracy and return unreliable reading results. When this happens, the hygrometer owner usually thinks of two alternatives: Fix it and replace it.

Select which remedy is the most appropriate and suitable? Follow this article and find out what you should do. I don’t take your time anymore. Let’s start reading.

You should purchase a new hygrometer if

You need a hygrometer immediately for an upcoming job: As far as I know, the process of repairing a hygrometer will take a lot of time.  If you fix it quickly, it will demand about two or three days or if it takes longer, it will need a month (depending on the damage of the device) Therefore. If you require a moisture meter for a project that starts in the next few days, buying another one for replacement might be your best option.

You want to upgrade the features for your device: You feel your current hygrometer has too few functions. Consequently, you have been thinking about upgrading to a new device with more useful functionality. I think that you may consider upgrading a new one sooner rather than waiting your current hygrometer stops working.

The cost to fix will be too expensive: There are parts of the meter that you want to repair that cost nearly the same price you paid for a new one. Because the money to pay for that part only accounts for a small amount, the rest is the cost of labor to pay for the repair. So, why don’t you choose to buy a new one, right?

Parts for the hygrometer model are no longer available: That is perfectly reasonable. As you know, science and technology change, upgrade and develop quickly.  In such a case, parts of older hygrometer models may be discontinued leading to finding and buying them extremely difficult and costly. Since you can only replace a new one 

If you encounter one of the above situations, replacing your new meter will be your most suitable alternative.

You can repair the hygrometer if

The meter is still under warranty: If your meter is still maintaining the warranty, carrying it for repair is usually the preferred choice. Even if the meter cannot be repaired, many manufacturers will replace you with a new or perfect one. Accordingly, you do not demand to pay your own money to get a new one.

Request for use: If you do not have any task to use a humidifier soon or you have another hygrometer that you can use during this time, you can be relaxing to take the device repairing.

Restoring a hygrometer will be less expensive than replacing it:  In many cases, the moisture meter of the device is broken with only a very small error. Having it repaired is the most lucrative decision. Because you will only take a little cost and will save a lot of money compared to buying a different one.

You like the function of your meter: Many people use the most comfortable hygrometer with a familiar device. They are not used to using one too modern. Therefore, the repair is the most suitable option to retain familiar features.

In conclusion

I have finished discussing whether to repair or replace a hygrometer. You have already decided for yourself, right? Wish you make the right and appropriate choice. Finally, Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Some suggestions on Tune-Up for table saws

Table saws, as well as the best portable table saw, are becoming one of the indispensable tools in carpentry workshops. Although the price is pretty expensive, it solves the problem of increasing productivity and reducing the effort of users that manual saws like hand saws cannot do.

However, because it is equipped with many modern and convenient functions, the suitable adjustment of the device is not everyone understands completely. You require to adjust the device regularly to maintain the sensitivity and softness of them because, after a cutting process, the parts of the tool can be moved out from them the position. If you don’t adjust the device properly, it not only makes it difficult to cut your wood, but it also puts users at risk.

Understanding that importance, Today I will give you some tips to properly adjust the table saws. Let’s read and learn now.


When do you need to tune – up

If you often pay attention to your table saw, you’ll know when it needs adjustment. For example, you naturally see the blade of a table saw not parallel to the fence. You have to adjust the position for it right away because if the two parts are not parallel, it will leave traces like burn marks on the wood after cutting.

Observe the saw blade

You do not know when the saw blade needs change? To observe this is extremely simple. After cutting a piece of wood, you turn off the machine and the blade will slow down. Now you have to see that the blade is unbalanced. If it has a wobble it means you need to replace or repair the saw blade.

 Moreover, the use of saw blades for a long time is also not good for cutting. Because at this time, the saw blade is no longer sharp, smooth like the first time, it makes your cutting process take longer and less aesthetic. You also need to grind or replace new ones.

Adjust the blade

After observing, if you meet one of these two issues, quickly replace a new, sharper and more flat one. After that, the assembly also needs to pay attention to. Saw blades must be parallel to the slots of the saw miter blade. To check for alignment of saw blades, You raise the saw blade as high as it can then use your hand (wearing protective gloves) to pick up a carbide tooth of the blade and rotate it towards the miter slot and mark the distance. Then turn the saw blade towards the point you marked. If they match, you have successfully fixed it, otherwise, you need to modify it again.

Align the fence

After checking the saw blade and the motor. Now we pass on to check the fence. The fence must be parallel to the saw blade. Because otherwise, It will cause extremely hazardous kickbacks. Like modifying the saw blade, the fence must also be parallel to the miter slot. To examine, stand a straight edge (long with a fence) in the miter slot, then adjust the fence so that it suits the straight edge (you must not see any distance between them) that you have adjusted its success.

The blade must be perpendicular to the table

To test this, first, adjust the arbor angle to 0 degrees. Then using a square or a square frame to see if the distance between the table and blade is 90 degrees, If it is not perpendicular, adjust the arbor until you see them perpendicular.

Throat plate

After checking the above parts, stand straight edge or square edge perpendicular to the miter slot and push it through the throat plate. Panels must be at or below the table level. If it is raised on the surface of the table, it will affect your wood pushing process. The table saw is equipped with an adjustable screw, installed it accordingly.

Final settlement

If your saw is equipped with some protective tools such as a riving knife or a splitter. Be sure to see if it is assembled. Please use the manual for more information. Next to the vacuum system of the machine. Make sure it absorbs a lot of sawdust effectively to keep the table clean. Finally, make sure you check out all the other necessary parts like the miter gauge, the locking mechanism of the fence to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

In conclusion

I have given all the information that I know about setting parts of the table saw. If you want to use the saw for a long time and always be the best, pay attention to checking and adjusting the device frequently.

The Number Of Woodworking Clamp Needed

Do you need more than just one clamp, or you can have too many braces? My answer is, the more, the better! You will never own ‘too many clamps’ when gluing wood together. This is not only true for us as our work often requires many woodworking clamps, but also when laminating timber to keep a good glue joint.

Woodworking Clamps Numbers

Cabinets are essential for any workshop. Dedicated clamping benches are also high, complimenting your clamp collection. For most of us, a selection of clamps is what we have massed a volume of braces for a large number of tasks for the economically difficult to just purchase all the clamps in one try.

Clamping Pressure

Clamping Pressure is important. When joining two flasks of wood together, the force pressure applied to the joint will have a lasting effect on the ultimate collective strength. Veneers will respond well to moderate, and even pressure. Moreover, some conditions will not dictate to having high clamping pressure such as veneers which vacuum lamination works well.

A mortise joint might need high clamping pressure to create the joint, but the weight can be pulled back a bit just to hold the joint together. Woodworkers use some large clamps with sole crushing force, which would collaborate even the Brexiters in depth. Be careful, please remember, to apply Pressure as you are at the risk of squeezing out the glue and to create your joint weak in the end. Thus, I personally think that even moderate Pressure is the best choice for you.


if you see a point gaping a bit, then whack the other one on too many clamps for woodworking, but if you laminate thin timber you will require as many as one every 110mm so you may need 8 or more perm thicker woods will require fewer clamps but 

Edge And The Need for Glue ups

Woodworkers raised on laminating but if you are gluing up a table top once you have all the tips actual and additional jointing ready you might want to apply your favorite wood glue in the kind of a PVA or even Resin. The number of clamps will be delivered by the straightness of the lumber being used, and you decorate planing precision. In any gluing scenario, it is common to look at what you’re doing and ask yourself, “do I own enough braces on that new tabletop scheme?”

The best thing you could do is look along the particular join and correct for any breaks or dry areas where the adhesive is not oozing out, then maybe you don’t have enough pressure? The answer is more clamps of or more strength. You might also need a large G clamp to aid alignment to vertically clamp the joins, especially on the ends of the process.

For small table tops, the labor will use Record clamp heads on a hardwood bar of a length that is practical for the job in hand. The British sash clamp is the clamp of choice here for many woodworkers, but there are other options such as pipe clamps which can be considered by the labors in the United States as the first choice.

Do You Really Need The Woodworking Clamp?

Sorry, this sounds actually awful, but the fact that you will definitely need enough to get your job done. If like me you are working daily of laminating it will be necessary to have an extensive collection of woodworking clamps. Even DIY tasks will at any point or sometimes claim some kind of clamps, so for a full clamp collection is a magnificent addition to any tool assemble, and a woodworker must have if not a nightmare. So how many braces do I really need? Well, this would depend on how severe you are as a woodworker artisan. 

The Helping

A bit off point but the value of a bread joiner will improve align timber committees when doing side table top glue-ups. The wafer joiner is a small semi-circular ironed beech joiner. This tiny but useful copse joining practice is an inclusive and manageable solution for following boards. The crackers are reasonable and should not be upset with the Mcvities digestives’ which will produce no practical end in woodworking workshop other than at tea break time!

There are other means of edge joining of desktops or any flammable surface. Unless you have chosen to build that ceiling using a composite board such as Plywood, MDF (Modified Fibre Board)  or the fund’s composition substance Chipboard.

A mere joining clarification and a robust option and a favored option over biscuits. It simulates tongue and grooved timber like floor boarding! This system of grove joining is fitting for edge entering where waterproofing is imperative. In the marine manufacturing ply, slip joiners are very suitable for deck beams or superstructure facets as it displays well in limiting water ingress.


A new and superb wood jointing system. Some woodworkers have used a Festool 700 XL in our workshop daily and swear by this wood joining system by Festool. Because of a lateral tendon of joining the edges together which supports the boards as well as providing alignment,  as an edge joining system, it works exceptionally well when structural integrity is required. Some kind of clamping resolution is still demanded in the order of scarf or pipe clamps.

Some tools are indispensable in carpentry

For carpenters, carpentry tools such as saws, drills, planers, sanding machines … are the right arm to help them create perfect, sure and safe works, utensils, objects to serve the needs of human life.

There are many different types of tools available in the market for you to choose from. But for those who are new to carpentry, they do not know what kind of tools are needed most. Understanding that anxiety, I will introduce to you some of the basic tools that carpenters need to have when doing carpentry.

Wood sawing machines

Wood sawing machines are the most important carpentry tools that are most indispensable for any carpenter. This product helps you cut the wood into different shapes very quickly and conveniently.

Wood sawing machines are also divided into groups for different purposes. For example, chain saws are mainly used to cut large logs into wooden planks. Circular saws help to cut quickly and accurately for small details. Saw machines can cut straight lines, curves or various complex shapes, shape wooden panels and cutting bars. The wood milling machine focuses on helping you cut edge, shape in complex designs that require high precision, create mortise to attach wooden bars or cut holes, beveled edges in the mortise. and finally a hand saw, it is a type of saw that is very suitable for new carpenters because of its lightness, ease of use.

Currently, there are many wood saw brands on the market for you to choose, of which famous brands can be mentioned as Bosch, Stanley, Makita, Nikawa … You should pay attention to the capacity when choosing the machine to make sure it suits your needs!

Wood drilling machine

Drilling machines are certainly also a tool that no carpenter can ignore. The drill helps you drill holes and screw on wood to make beautiful and solid wooden furniture. For those who are familiar with carpentry or love DIY products, even just a drill is enough to create products such as tables, chairs, bookshelves … with a simple structure. When buying a drill, you should keep in mind the criteria such as drill bit size, the drill can be reversed, machine capacity, drilling speed, no-load speed, battery capacity (if the drill is running by the battery) to make sure the machine meets your needs.

You can refer to reputable brands like Bosch, Makita, Black & Decker … to choose the best quality and durable drilling machines!

Wood planing machines

Being a tool that can make a solid product because the beautiful design is still not enough. You need your product to have a flat surface, to ensure safety and convenience during use. There are many modern planers in the market. It is a powerful assistant to help you perform woodworking tasks without spending as much time as using traditional wooden planes! Another advantage of planing machines is that it allows you to adjust the depth to plan according to the intended use.

Woodworking brands for your reference such as Makita, Maktek, Bosch, Hyundai, Hitachi … You should keep in mind the parameters of depth, width and rotation speed when choosing to buy this product.

Sanding machine

A very important step to improve the quality of your furniture is the sanding step. The sanding machine will help you smooth the flat surfaces to serve the needs of each type of product. The advantage of the sanding machine is smooth and fast scrubbing ability, thereby helping to limit the time you have to be exposed to wood dust, to help ensure your health.

Currently, vibrating sanding machines with modern design and intelligent features help shorten sanding time to be quite popular products. When buying sanding machines, pay attention to the no-load speed and the capacity of the machine. Makito, Kainuo, Maxpro, Bosch, Hitachi … are the brands you can consult to choose for yourself

Polishing grinding machine

A polishing machine is a machine tool that any carpenter should have in his locker. With its support, you can polish the furniture in the fastest and easiest way. Machines often move in circular orbit or move depending on the contact surface is round or square. Wood dust and debris will be sucked into the back pocket of the machine. In particular, there are polishes that can remove both paint or varnish on wood surfaces. Be careful when polishing the patterns on the wood, the polishing machine can obscure the pattern.

In conclusion

I  have introduced you to some indispensable carpentry tools for carpenters or for those who love carpentry jobs can buy and use. Hopefully, the article will help you choose the tools you need most.

A quick look of the chisel honing guides


Do you ever find yourself getting lost when the lovely wood chisel cannot do it job as good as it was? You and I all know that the wood chisel is made by metal, that means it can be damaged by the time it works on the surface of the wood by the force of itself. However, there is a solution for this tremendously tricky problem, that is the chisel honing guide, which can sharpen the blade of the wood chisel back to its original form as you just bought it yesterday. This article will focus on the chisel honing guides and give you an insightful look of this particular tool, and then raise the author’s voice at the end.

The Price

Look around the Amazon, the biggest online market on the internet nowadays, you can easily find out the brand new chisel honing guide with the price of $16.99, or even lower with just $13.99 or around $15.95. On the other hand, on eBay, you already know that page, it only costs at £5.33 with the poor looking but the same function as the one on the Amazon. This proves the fact that the popularity of this tool is as much as the wood chisel for only one job that is to support the wood chisel to work well at any time carpenters need it. Pretty cool stuff, right.


For the use of the chisel honing guides, they must contain some mechanics that can assure the work it should have done in the future if you have the desire to have one in your toolset. Here are some:

  • Honedge tools between grindings with this unique self-centering guide. This is the quote that almost every advertiser will tell you when it comes to their products. However, that is true because the specific way it works making it so unique that you can find in any kind of tool around the market, for the fact that it was made for this only purpose by the manufactory and the designers.
  • Chisels and plane irons from 1/16″ to 2-5/8″ wide can be held securely. The holder, of course, it is utmost the vital part of the chisel honing guides for the reason that you will not be there to get three arms to hold it in a standstill position in term of security and efficiency. Otherwise, the range is almost fit for every blade of chisel that you have in your toolbox, or we call that the precaution.
  • Two sets of stepped jaws. Another option for you, or in other words, the needed part required the replication whenever it takes, making it the best way to advertise and to assure that you will get the full gear when you decide to purchase that without even thinking about it.
  • Hardened steel roller glides. What can I say more about it? It is just a perfect and needed setting for all the chisel honing guides to work as well as it was made. Besides, the way it works requires some kind of mobility to change its position in case the unfortunate situation can happen in the future.

In addition, some other technical details such as:

  • Part Number   03A21
  • Item Weight   9.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions    5.1 x 4.4 x 1.8 inches
  • California residents    Click here for Proposition 65 warning
  • Item Package Quantity    1


All in all, for all the ideas, have been presented above to all you guys by me, there one thing can be sure that the chisel honing guides is totally needed for all the carpenters who are owning or using a set of wood chisels to keep it sharp and work well in every circumstance.

How to use the paint spray gun

The paint spray gun is a modern hand tool, the product not only brings fast, convenient to use but also enhances the beauty of aesthetic for the interior space of your home more smooth and sleek by the quality spray paint… So the hand-held paint spray gun is being chosen by many users.

However, the concept of “paint spray gun” is quite a new tool, so many people after buying and using it do not know how to use it properly. Understanding that, today I will do a tutorial on how to use paint sprayers for those who want to learn. Let’s explore!

paint spray gun
paint spray gun

Assemble guns with accompanying equipment

Most paint sprayers come with specialized accessories such as paint spray guns and paint tanks, … And initially to use the paint sprayer you need to do the following steps.

  • Connect air hose, paint tube directly to spray paint gun.
  • After being filtered or mixed, paint is poured directly into the paint bottle
  • Then, attach the pipe to the paint jar.

How to adjust the spray gun properly

This must be a concern of many people because spray paint requires professional workmanship as well as you need to understand the operation principle of the paint spray gun to be able to paint beautifully … Please note, before using the sprayer, adjust the spray level and air pressure when passing through the gun properly, so that, Paint is sprayed on a surface more beautiful, evenly colored.

Here, I will describe in more detail how to adjust paint spray gun to suit the purpose of use.

Adjust spray jet for paint spray gun: Each spray gun has a system for adjusting different spray ranges and if squeezed more tightly, the spraying beam is narrower, and if expanded, the spray is spread follow the cone.

Adjust the amount of paint for paint spray guns: To adjust the amount of spraying less, you need to tighten, the less paint will be sprayed and vice versa. In the case of small product paint or edges need meticulousness, you also need to be skillful to adjust the amount of paint just enough to avoid too much spraying, too fast causing waste when used.

Gas adjustment: If you want to reduce the amount of spray paint, turn the paint adjustment button to the right and vice versa. If you turn it all to the right, then the gun only spews gas.


The last step to note in the use of the paint spray gun is to use the trigger. This is not complicated.

There are 2 steps when pulling the trigger. The first step indicates gas, vapor. This design is very convenient for users, you can clean the surface of the object you want to paint before spraying. The second step is spray painting. The paint is more or less due to the painter’s hands evenly or not.

For large-scale companies, due to their high fineness requirements, they often use automatic guns, Replacement for conventional guns

Some errors when using the paint spray gun

In this section, we will guide you to overcome some basic errors when using a paint spray gun that you can completely fix yourself at home.

These errors are frequently encountered, though not complicated, if the painter does not know the source, it is not only incurable but also damages.

Unstable spray paint: It is possible when spraying, paint is unstable, This is most likely because the nozzle is dusty and dirty, Clogging one or several spray holes.

Remedies: Very simply, just remove the nozzle, then use the brush that comes with the gun to clean. Then let it dry and re-install it as normal as possible to use again. If you want to quickly, blow air in to dry quickly.

Self-flowing paint: If you are using it normally, one day notice at the top of the gun, the paint itself flows out even if you don’t pull the trigger. Conduct a check to see the needle of the gun. This is the main cause of paint flowing out. Needle and sec do not fit together due to impact and distortion.

Spray guns were constantly jerky: This error is also very often encountered, unstable paint, the gun is jerky. First, check if the gun body and the sec are close together. Remove for inspection and cleaning, then reinstall it.

In conclusion

I have instructed you how to use a paint spray gun. And some common errors when using guns. Hope it useful for you.

Dr. Woodford Bell

I was recently hired by OMNI Hotels & Resorts to develop some local “homegrown” cocktails. They hired several regional mixologists — Adam Seger (Chicago / Mid-West), Duggan McDonnell (West Coast), Christy Pope (Northeast), Freddy Diaz (Miami, Florida) and myself (Texas) to develop cocktails inspired by their own regional flavors and ingredients.  Being a native Texan, I jumped right in … head-first.

Here are the “Texas” cocktails I came up with:

  • Smokin’ Patron: Made with Patron, fresh lime, agave nectar and a float of Del Maguey VIDA mezcal.
  • Prickly Pear Sangria: Made with Bacardi Limon, prickly pear puree, cabernet, lemon juice, agave nectar and ginger ale
  • Jalapeno Hop: Made with Absolut Citron, fresh lemon, agave nectar, muddled lemon quarters and jalapeno.  Shaken and served tall then topped with Corona.

and finally …

Dr. Woodford Bell … an adult spiked milkshake made with Dr. Pepper (the soda of choice in Texas), Woodford Reserve bourbon, Blue Bell Homeade Vanilla ice cream (a staple in Texas) and graham cracker squares.

If you have never had Blue Bell Homeade Ice Cream … oooohhhh, you are MISSING OUT!!

No other vanilla ice cream even comes close unless you are making it yourself.  It’s made with eggs and is cooked, like a custard, giving it this cooked custardy taste.  When I moved to NYC, it was one of the things I missed most – Blue Bell Homeade Vanilla ice cream … well, next to my family.   While readily available in Texas it is available in a few other states as well such as Arizona.

They also have a French Vanilla and Vanilla Bean ice cream, but the Homeade Vanilla is my all-time favorite.

Below is the recipe for the “Dr. Woodford Bell.”  If you go to any OMNI in the state of Texas, they will be serving it  there.  Hope you enjoy it!

1.5 oz Dr. Pepper

1.5 oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Generous scoop of Blue Bell Homeade Vanilla Ice Cream

2 graham cracker squares

Dash of ground nutmeg

Directions: Combine all the ingredients in a blender cup.  Blend until smooth.  Add a half cup of ice and blend again until smooth.  Pour contents into 12 oz Collins glass.  Top with additional dash of nutmeg and serve. (Feel free to rim the glass with graham cracker crumbs, if desired.)