Some tools are indispensable in carpentry

For carpenters, carpentry tools such as saws, drills, planers, sanding machines … are the right arm to help them create perfect, sure and safe works, utensils, objects to serve the needs of human life.

There are many different types of tools available in the market for you to choose from. But for those who are new to carpentry, they do not know what kind of tools are needed most. Understanding that anxiety, I will introduce to you some of the basic tools that carpenters need to have when doing carpentry.

Wood sawing machines

Wood sawing machines are the most important carpentry tools that are most indispensable for any carpenter. This product helps you cut the wood into different shapes very quickly and conveniently.

Wood sawing machines are also divided into groups for different purposes. For example, chain saws are mainly used to cut large logs into wooden planks. Circular saws help to cut quickly and accurately for small details. Saw machines can cut straight lines, curves or various complex shapes, shape wooden panels and cutting bars. The wood milling machine focuses on helping you cut edge, shape in complex designs that require high precision, create mortise to attach wooden bars or cut holes, beveled edges in the mortise. and finally a hand saw, it is a type of saw that is very suitable for new carpenters because of its lightness, ease of use.

Currently, there are many wood saw brands on the market for you to choose, of which famous brands can be mentioned as Bosch, Stanley, Makita, Nikawa … You should pay attention to the capacity when choosing the machine to make sure it suits your needs!

Wood drilling machine

Drilling machines are certainly also a tool that no carpenter can ignore. The drill helps you drill holes and screw on wood to make beautiful and solid wooden furniture. For those who are familiar with carpentry or love DIY products, even just a drill is enough to create products such as tables, chairs, bookshelves … with a simple structure. When buying a drill, you should keep in mind the criteria such as drill bit size, the drill can be reversed, machine capacity, drilling speed, no-load speed, battery capacity (if the drill is running by the battery) to make sure the machine meets your needs.

You can refer to reputable brands like Bosch, Makita, Black & Decker … to choose the best quality and durable drilling machines!

Wood planing machines

Being a tool that can make a solid product because the beautiful design is still not enough. You need your product to have a flat surface, to ensure safety and convenience during use. There are many modern planers in the market. It is a powerful assistant to help you perform woodworking tasks without spending as much time as using traditional wooden planes! Another advantage of planing machines is that it allows you to adjust the depth to plan according to the intended use.

Woodworking brands for your reference such as Makita, Maktek, Bosch, Hyundai, Hitachi … You should keep in mind the parameters of depth, width and rotation speed when choosing to buy this product.

Sanding machine

A very important step to improve the quality of your furniture is the sanding step. The sanding machine will help you smooth the flat surfaces to serve the needs of each type of product. The advantage of the sanding machine is smooth and fast scrubbing ability, thereby helping to limit the time you have to be exposed to wood dust, to help ensure your health.

Currently, vibrating sanding machines with modern design and intelligent features help shorten sanding time to be quite popular products. When buying sanding machines, pay attention to the no-load speed and the capacity of the machine. Makito, Kainuo, Maxpro, Bosch, Hitachi … are the brands you can consult to choose for yourself

Polishing grinding machine

A polishing machine is a machine tool that any carpenter should have in his locker. With its support, you can polish the furniture in the fastest and easiest way. Machines often move in circular orbit or move depending on the contact surface is round or square. Wood dust and debris will be sucked into the back pocket of the machine. In particular, there are polishes that can remove both paint or varnish on wood surfaces. Be careful when polishing the patterns on the wood, the polishing machine can obscure the pattern.

In conclusion

I  have introduced you to some indispensable carpentry tools for carpenters or for those who love carpentry jobs can buy and use. Hopefully, the article will help you choose the tools you need most.

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