Some suggestions on Tune-Up for table saws

Table saws, as well as the best portable table saw, are becoming one of the indispensable tools in carpentry workshops. Although the price is pretty expensive, it solves the problem of increasing productivity and reducing the effort of users that manual saws like hand saws cannot do.

However, because it is equipped with many modern and convenient functions, the suitable adjustment of the device is not everyone understands completely. You require to adjust the device regularly to maintain the sensitivity and softness of them because, after a cutting process, the parts of the tool can be moved out from them the position. If you don’t adjust the device properly, it not only makes it difficult to cut your wood, but it also puts users at risk.

Understanding that importance, Today I will give you some tips to properly adjust the table saws. Let’s read and learn now.


When do you need to tune – up

If you often pay attention to your table saw, you’ll know when it needs adjustment. For example, you naturally see the blade of a table saw not parallel to the fence. You have to adjust the position for it right away because if the two parts are not parallel, it will leave traces like burn marks on the wood after cutting.

Observe the saw blade

You do not know when the saw blade needs change? To observe this is extremely simple. After cutting a piece of wood, you turn off the machine and the blade will slow down. Now you have to see that the blade is unbalanced. If it has a wobble it means you need to replace or repair the saw blade.

 Moreover, the use of saw blades for a long time is also not good for cutting. Because at this time, the saw blade is no longer sharp, smooth like the first time, it makes your cutting process take longer and less aesthetic. You also need to grind or replace new ones.

Adjust the blade

After observing, if you meet one of these two issues, quickly replace a new, sharper and more flat one. After that, the assembly also needs to pay attention to. Saw blades must be parallel to the slots of the saw miter blade. To check for alignment of saw blades, You raise the saw blade as high as it can then use your hand (wearing protective gloves) to pick up a carbide tooth of the blade and rotate it towards the miter slot and mark the distance. Then turn the saw blade towards the point you marked. If they match, you have successfully fixed it, otherwise, you need to modify it again.

Align the fence

After checking the saw blade and the motor. Now we pass on to check the fence. The fence must be parallel to the saw blade. Because otherwise, It will cause extremely hazardous kickbacks. Like modifying the saw blade, the fence must also be parallel to the miter slot. To examine, stand a straight edge (long with a fence) in the miter slot, then adjust the fence so that it suits the straight edge (you must not see any distance between them) that you have adjusted its success.

The blade must be perpendicular to the table

To test this, first, adjust the arbor angle to 0 degrees. Then using a square or a square frame to see if the distance between the table and blade is 90 degrees, If it is not perpendicular, adjust the arbor until you see them perpendicular.

Throat plate

After checking the above parts, stand straight edge or square edge perpendicular to the miter slot and push it through the throat plate. Panels must be at or below the table level. If it is raised on the surface of the table, it will affect your wood pushing process. The table saw is equipped with an adjustable screw, installed it accordingly.

Final settlement

If your saw is equipped with some protective tools such as a riving knife or a splitter. Be sure to see if it is assembled. Please use the manual for more information. Next to the vacuum system of the machine. Make sure it absorbs a lot of sawdust effectively to keep the table clean. Finally, make sure you check out all the other necessary parts like the miter gauge, the locking mechanism of the fence to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

In conclusion

I have given all the information that I know about setting parts of the table saw. If you want to use the saw for a long time and always be the best, pay attention to checking and adjusting the device frequently.

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