How to use the paint spray gun

The paint spray gun is a modern hand tool, the product not only brings fast, convenient to use but also enhances the beauty of aesthetic for the interior space of your home more smooth and sleek by the quality spray paint… So the hand-held paint spray gun is being chosen by many users.

However, the concept of “paint spray gun” is quite a new tool, so many people after buying and using it do not know how to use it properly. Understanding that, today I will do a tutorial on how to use paint sprayers for those who want to learn. Let’s explore!

paint spray gun
paint spray gun

Assemble guns with accompanying equipment

Most paint sprayers come with specialized accessories such as paint spray guns and paint tanks, … And initially to use the paint sprayer you need to do the following steps.

  • Connect air hose, paint tube directly to spray paint gun.
  • After being filtered or mixed, paint is poured directly into the paint bottle
  • Then, attach the pipe to the paint jar.

How to adjust the spray gun properly

This must be a concern of many people because spray paint requires professional workmanship as well as you need to understand the operation principle of the paint spray gun to be able to paint beautifully … Please note, before using the sprayer, adjust the spray level and air pressure when passing through the gun properly, so that, Paint is sprayed on a surface more beautiful, evenly colored.

Here, I will describe in more detail how to adjust paint spray gun to suit the purpose of use.

Adjust spray jet for paint spray gun: Each spray gun has a system for adjusting different spray ranges and if squeezed more tightly, the spraying beam is narrower, and if expanded, the spray is spread follow the cone.

Adjust the amount of paint for paint spray guns: To adjust the amount of spraying less, you need to tighten, the less paint will be sprayed and vice versa. In the case of small product paint or edges need meticulousness, you also need to be skillful to adjust the amount of paint just enough to avoid too much spraying, too fast causing waste when used.

Gas adjustment: If you want to reduce the amount of spray paint, turn the paint adjustment button to the right and vice versa. If you turn it all to the right, then the gun only spews gas.


The last step to note in the use of the paint spray gun is to use the trigger. This is not complicated.

There are 2 steps when pulling the trigger. The first step indicates gas, vapor. This design is very convenient for users, you can clean the surface of the object you want to paint before spraying. The second step is spray painting. The paint is more or less due to the painter’s hands evenly or not.

For large-scale companies, due to their high fineness requirements, they often use automatic guns, Replacement for conventional guns

Some errors when using the paint spray gun

In this section, we will guide you to overcome some basic errors when using a paint spray gun that you can completely fix yourself at home.

These errors are frequently encountered, though not complicated, if the painter does not know the source, it is not only incurable but also damages.

Unstable spray paint: It is possible when spraying, paint is unstable, This is most likely because the nozzle is dusty and dirty, Clogging one or several spray holes.

Remedies: Very simply, just remove the nozzle, then use the brush that comes with the gun to clean. Then let it dry and re-install it as normal as possible to use again. If you want to quickly, blow air in to dry quickly.

Self-flowing paint: If you are using it normally, one day notice at the top of the gun, the paint itself flows out even if you don’t pull the trigger. Conduct a check to see the needle of the gun. This is the main cause of paint flowing out. Needle and sec do not fit together due to impact and distortion.

Spray guns were constantly jerky: This error is also very often encountered, unstable paint, the gun is jerky. First, check if the gun body and the sec are close together. Remove for inspection and cleaning, then reinstall it.

In conclusion

I have instructed you how to use a paint spray gun. And some common errors when using guns. Hope it useful for you.

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